Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camera Rig!

Missed last week because of the 4th, but a quick update this week:

I got the camera rig working! It's hanging from the rafters in my basement, but it's finally all ready. Also I got some frames drawn up this weekend. Things are moving kinda slowly, but I'm just happy they're moving at all at this point.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


No real blogpost this week because my work schedule is interfering in my schedule for making the film. Plus, the camera stand project is going frustratingly slow.

Hopefully be back next week with something.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Take 3 & Building a Rig

(Mediafire link:

One last edit of the animatic. A minor and major one at the same time: At the suggestion of my friend Logan, I reversed two scenes near the beginning. The "video game" scene and the "Flashing my tits is who I am" reveal scene have both been switched. This was done because he suggested that in the previous order, you had one pretty huge scene, and one that kind of peters out after it. Switching the two gradually builds the insanity of the statements. I took a look at it, and he was right. Granted, the hair on the guy is inconsistent now (it's longer at first, then shorter in the second scene) but that will be corrected in the final production.

Speaking of production, I've been trying to build a camera rig, which has been a hilarious case of trial and error. At first I was thinking of using wooden sticks to build a "box" around the edge of a melamine-covered sheet of wood, that the camera could hang off of. It completely didn't work out. However, my friend Josue showed me a similar rig he built:

This one was about 100x simpler than the one I had in mind. So I returned a bunch of the materials I hadn't drilled holes into, and now I need to shop for piping and flush mounts. My biggest concern is that I have to "reverse" the camera on the mount, or else on my computer when I take the image it will be upside down. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, I've been getting more hours at my job (blessing and a curse) so my time to work on it was spent on my "wood box" debacle. Nevertheless, I'll get it going this week, and hopefully at least start some of the drawings for the animation.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Animatic: Part II

I've cut together a new animatic. What's new?

- Some re-drawn frames, and some added frames to help add to clarity
- New music! The old distortion music by Bastard Noise has been replaced by music from my friend Logan's project Wolverine Carcass.
- Couple of new sound effects inserted

Let me know what you think. Mediafire download:

Also: I went to Home Depot and bought materials for constructing a downshooter. That's my big project for this week, which I'll have to fit around my job since they pretty much doubled my hours this week.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Power Outage!

So why no post yesterday?

We had a power outage in my neighborhood that lasted for the entire day. So updating wasn't happening.

Granted, most of last week was spent getting the animatic together, of which many people have commented on, and for that I thank all of you. The input has been great! I'm hoping to get a second draft out this week. When I do, you all will know.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


After much drawing, scanning, cursing and rendering, the animatic for I Will Die at 27 is done.

Right now it contains a lot of "stand-in" stuff; from the wrestling video clip, to the music, to the text-to-speech dialogue. Roughly this is how I want things to sound.

Music used: Bastard Noise and Pull the Trigger. Pull the Trigger is actually one of my friend's bands, and as such will probably stay in the film when everything is done, pending permission. Bastard Noise, not so much.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. I want to fine-tune this before I really get into animating.

For a higher-quality video: It's in .wmv format.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I didn't think my cunning plan all the way through

So things got a little hairy, and ended up being longer than I anticipated. After scanning in everything, I ended up with 124 storyboard frames, the longest I've ever had. As such, I'm not going to meet my May 31st deadline of having the animatic done. Granted, I could slap it together really quickly, but it wouldn't be that good. Plus, I want to add some sound to it, even if it's just me doing foley on a micophone that I use for Skype calls.

In addition, I completely forgot this was memorial day weekend when I made my production schedule. Whoops.

Those following this blog (both of you), sit tight, and I'll have the animatic assembled hopefully by Tuesday night. I'll update here and on facebook.